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Laser therapy in cosmetics - types of lasers and their use


Post - Laser therapy in cosmetics - types of lasers and their use

Laser therapy in cosmetics - types of lasers and their use

Candela, YAG, LightSheer, Soprano - these are just some of the lasers for laser hair removal, which can be found in beauty salons. Each of them, although working on a similar principle, differs from each other in terms of parameters and functions, which do not say much to a person who is not in the industry. So which of these solutions may be the best for you and provide you with an effective, long-lasting epilation?

Laser Nd: YAG
The best for dark skin

Advantages: Longer Nd wavelengths: YAG makes it safer for dark skin because the laser is able to interact with melanin in the hair follicle and does not stop on the epidermis. In addition, it also has the greatest potential to destroy hair on warts or other darker pigmentations of women with white complexion.

Disadvantages: Due to the low absorption of melanin, numerous treatments are required for optimal results. The treatment with these lasers can be also more painful and less effective for thin and fair hair.

Brand names: Cutera CoolGlide, Cynosure Elite, Candela GentleYAG

Alexandrite laser
The best for olive skin

Advantages: Laser hair removal with this solution can be extremely fast as it provides increased spot size and repetition frequency. This means that it removes hair even from very large parts of the body within a moment.

Disadvantages: Despite its significant wavelength, it still has a high absorption of melanin, so there is a high risk of pigmentation and burns on all skin types, especially on very bright ones. Therefore, it is not recommended for Polish women, and in most cases its use on white skin may cause irritation.

Brand names: Candela GentleLase, Cynosure Apogee, EpiTouch Plus

Diode laser
The best for pale and dusky skin

Advantages: A diode is one of the latest and most frequently used types of laser hair removal devices. It has been designed for a wider use among European women, who have both extremely pale and darker skin even within one nation. Diode based laser hair removal emits shorter or longer wavelengths, thanks to which it has a good absorption of melanin and penetrates deep into the hair follicles. Adjustable wavelengths also reduce the risk of skin damage.

Disadvantages: This is the latest solution in hair removal and so far no inconveniences have been identified that could affect the comfort of the person undergoing the treatment.

Brand names: LightSheer, SLP 1000, LaserLite, SopranoXL

Ruby laser
The best for very fair, pale skin

Advantages: As the oldest type of laser for epilation, it has a higher melanin absorption coefficient than most other solutions available on the market, making it the most suitable for removing very fair and thin hair from pale skin.

Disadvantages: Due to the high absorption of melanin, it has a significant effect on skin pigmentation, even for people with dusky or slightly tanned skin. For this reason, it should be used only on extremely fair, even pale skin.

Brand names: Palomar E2000, RubyStar