When is it worth deciding on laser hair removal?


When is it worth deciding on laser hair removal?

If you are one of the people who, seeing the first signs of spring outside the window, only think that you will have to shave your legs every day again, it's time to do something about it. But when is it worth choosing permanent laser hair removal? Is there an ideal time of the year for this? Will you be able to remove your hair for the summer season when you start the treatments now?

Laser hair removal needs time Laser therapy is ideal for hair removal in targeted areas - which means you can get rid of hair on your face, as well as all hair on your legs, armpits or intimate areas. Lasers work by transforming the light beam into heat, which then damages the central part of the hair and inhibits growth. Before each laser pulse, the coolant is sprayed onto the skin, providing greater comfort during treatment and minimising the impact on the skin. Laser hair removal has a huge advantage over other methods because it destroys hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin.

It would seem that it doesn't matter when you undergo a laser hair removal treatment

  • after all, it's the safest and least invasive way to remove hair. However, there is one very important principle that must be remembered - the skin after the therapy requires special treatment, especially protection from the sun.

What is the best time to start treatments? It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight after laser hair removal treatments, so summer is a time when you should especially avoid such solutions.

Autumn, winter and even early spring are the optimal seasons in which you can go to a beauty salon and the proper cosmetologist for epilation. Moreover, if you start in November, you will be after a series of treatments in the summer, and your body will be perfectly smooth, without any irritation, and ready for a safe sunbathing.

Important! After laser hair removal treatment you must not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least two weeks!

And what about an early autumn? If you've been outdoors a lot in the summer, you need to give your skin time to get rid of its natural tan. Laser hair removal is so effective because the rays of the device focus on melanin. It is present both in the hair and in the skin. Therefore, if your complexion is darker than usual, it is worth waiting for the laser to be able to effectively affect the hair follicles and not the epidermis. And don't forget that self-tanners are also worth giving up! Although in this case the skin colour is completely different from natural tanning, the darker the complexion is, the more disturbed the laser beams work.

Enjoy a consultation Regardless of the period in which you decide on laser hair removal, always choose beauty salons that will provide you with the opportunity to consult a specialist. There are a number of other factors to consider before your treatment, such as time of taking medicines, past illnesses or the use of herbs. So it's worth discussing everything with a professional who will advise you on the best time to start your laser hair removal.