Effective epilation - which method is the best choice?


Effective epilation - which method is the best choice?

Effective epilation - which method is the best choice?

There is nothing more annoying than the need to constantly remove unwanted hair. It causes situations when wearing a summer dress or going out for important events becomes problematic. There's no surprise that more and more women are looking for effective and permanent ways of epilation. Which of them are worth to be interested in?

Available options When you think about getting rid of your hair, the first thing that comes to your mind is a razor. Shaving can be easy, but only removes the hair on the surface, so after two days the hair is already visible. The epilator, on the other hand, has a smooth skin effect of up to two weeks, but it cannot be denied that pulling out hair simply hurts and can lead to hair ingrown. These methods certainly cannot be considered effective.

Various forms of permanent hair removal are available. All are safe and fast treatments that leave your skin smooth for months or even longer. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that weakens, damages or removes the hair follicle, which prevents its regrowth from 6 to 12 months or has a permanent effect. However, this is not an immediate result - the process has to be repeated several times in order to achieve the desired effect.

Different body parts versus depilation methods Laser hair removal can be applied to any part of the body, such as legs, armpits, back, shoulders, bikini, face. Neither razors, epilators nor creams have such a wide range of use. Choosing the right method is extremely important, because some places on the body deserve special care and delicacy. Mechanical methods remove hair for a few days, but they also affect the condition of the skin. Redness and irritation not only look unaesthetically, but can also cause greater problems, such as folliculitis. Laser hair removal makes you forget about these discomforts and keeps your skin smooth and unaffected for longer period of time.

Why is it worth choosing laser hair removal? Laser hair removal includes pulses of laser light that will destroy the hair follicle. The device emits a single focussed wavelength of light that is optimised for absorption - so you can adjust it to your hair's condition or colour. Laser hair removal uses concentrated energy, which is directed straight towards the hair pigment. Laser works best for those who have darker hair and brighter skin - so it is ideal for most women. The size of the area you epilate will affect the duration of each session. For example, it can only take 15 minutes to remove all armpit hair, while for calves it is only half an hour.

It doesn't matter how much hair you have to remove - laser hair removal works for both weak and very lush hair. Within a few minutes, most of the hair follicles are destroyed, so after the first treatment you can feel the effect of refreshed skin, which lasts several months. With each subsequent laser hair removal, this time will be longer, until you can finally get rid of unwanted hair even forever.